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    I am about to start on a HG Unicorn, but I want to make that phyco frame stand out (without changing the color). This will also be my first time using a top coat (I was planning on a matte for the armor) any tips?

    • Haven’t build an HG Unicorn, but I would suggest not spraying a matte on te psycho frame parts and paint a silver on the inside of them. Bandai does provide chrome like stickers for some kits to be placed on the back side of clear parts. Painting silver on te back side of tem would be a great and rather easy way of mimicking that effect.
      Good luck and happy building!

      • Cool Idea friendo! But I think paint sounds like it might be a bit dense, do you think I might be able to get the same effect with silver sharpie? I also have some of the silver foil paper left over from the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka, do you think that could also work?

        • It’s the idea for it being dense, just so the light reflects off of it. If you use a silver sharpie and do two coats, my guess is it’ll leave you with the same result, only a bit more easy. Build the Nu myself too, and that’s how I got the idea (and te PG Unicorn to be honest). If you could use some of the left over foil, that would give an even more great result!!!

          • Right on bro, will try that out and post the finished product here. The Nu was a really fun build, but those new 3.0 hands are the worst has anyone found how to make them hold weapons better? Also how many PG have you built? I have yet to build one, but I am looking to Char’s Zaku II for my first.

            • Yeah, the Nu us a really fun build indeed. I solved the “sagging” hand by gluing the rectangle piece that lets the hand swivel in place and used some super glue on the ball joint to thicken up that part too. Mine has been holding that long beam riffle stretched out for two years now without a problem.
              Only build two PG’s as of yet…. My first Gunpla was the PG Red Frame, awesome kit!!!! Was undecided for a long time what my second would be and then the Unicorn forced its way onto my hobby desk, LOL.
              Of course, I don’t know if it’s true and the if it’s the case with the Zaku II too, but I’ve heard that the MG RX-78-2 2.0 is a scaled down version of the PG RX-78-2, the PG version having even more spectacular details. If it’s the same with the Zaku II 2.0 and PG Zaku II (except for the colour change and a few more thrusters the Char’s one is nearly identical) then I say go for it!. The MG RX 78-2 2.0 and the MG Zaku II 2.0 where a treat to build, engineering wise as well as frame wise!
              Please share some pictures, curious to see how that psycho frame will turn out!!!
              Good luck and happy building!