• Syd posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago


    I saw your post on about the Gundam Exia Repair Metal Build. As someone else wrote it’s a pretty awesome thing to do but to make sure it goes smoothly I have a couple of suggestions. First would be to write the people who handle the retail orders at In the past they have been able to stop the the automatic process for people who wanted Ryan and/or I to sign a Gunpla box. If you ask that I sign your box they can make sure the order isn’t processed but put aside. please feel free to write me at when you get confirmation that the item has arrived and a payment request. What I think is best is we will take one and film the episode and once it airs you can pay for the shipping and have it sent to you. If we stop it like I mentioned we should be able to unbox it, film it, put up the video and then make sure that specific product makes its way to you.

    Thanks again for this offer. You’re gonna make a lot of people happy.

    • Hi Syd, will keep you updated as to when the order arrives. It’ll be my pleasure for all the Gunpla TV viewers as I’m also a weekly follower myself. Just checked out episode 119, have fun with the PG and that Iron Kong Schwarz looks interesting.