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    It’s no secret that I love RG (maybe a little too much?), but I want to hear from fellow fans what they think of the line and the direction it will take. I also want to know what you guys think will make a great Real Grade kit. I’ll start; RG Wing Zero Custom. Make it happen Bandai!

    • RG gouf! they always shown it in the future board, make it happen!

      • I recall seeing RG Gouf line art or something on the internets, along side 2 other 0079 models. I wouldn’t be surprised if they move on to Gundam Wing next. Is it too early to expect RG Unicorn kits? …just think Syd, …RG Sinanju…

        • Ya, at the Gunpla Expo last year they had some lineart for the Gouf and a couple other older Mobile Suits so we know Bandai’s at least considering them.

    • RG RX-78GP02A Make it happen Bandai!

    • Sinanju, and Sazabi too.

    • Looking at the way things are going my hopes would be for a RG from a new series. Either another UC or 00/Wing kit. As long as its not another SEED/Destiny kit. I think other series’ need some love too.

    • RG Unicorn and Banshee would make sense, or Exia / 00.

    • It would be nice if some of gundam from G gundam makes it into RG line.

    • Wheres the grunt love, only the zaku so far

    • Only build the RG Aile Strike and RG Skygrasper but the RG aile strike is my 2nd most favorite gunpla I have build. I just love how they can put so much detail and realism in such a small scale. Was also my first kit I panel-lined and I loved the results. the 2 gundams I’d like to see in the RG line are Wing gundam and Exia

    • For me the RG is just about perfect. Great engineering, good coloring without paint, and some great decals all make for fun kits. Though I have to admit it takes me longer to put one together then the average MG.

      I would love to see more bad guy suits. Hero suits are great and all, but they look better with some bad guys around. Personally I would love to see a Gouf Custom or a Geara Zulu (neither of which would be all that hard). Of the hero suits, I wouldn’t mind a unicorn, just to see what it would be like.

    • A jesta would be cool 😀 …. or something the 08th

    • Being a fan of the Unicorn, I would love to have one in RG! But the WZC in RG would be great as well… just think of the details!!! On a different note, how cool would be a PG Unicorn!