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    Hey peeps! How’s it going? 2 things really.

    1) Are there any water slide decals or dry transfers for the RG GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam?

    2) Does anyone know about what were likely to see in the future with the RG line? I would like to know if there will be any Wing kits coming.

    Thanks in advance!

    • guess I’ll take a crack at this one.

      no idea about the water slides but for the future releases, well we won’t know for sure until they make announcements, but we can look at trends and so looking at what’s been released so far they’ve been releaseing kits from seed and seed destiny as well as from the original UC timeline. That said we have freedom, justice, destiny, and strike freedom, which would kinda indicate that infinite justice is in the works. As for wing kits in rg, no signs of that yet but I wouldn’t rule it out, something to note though is that the mobile suits in wing are actually a bit smaller than normal, not victory gundam small but still smaller than normal so that could be a bit of a hinderance to creating a rg wing kit…..possibly tallgeese, he’s the right size.

      • Thanks for the information. I was asking about the decals because I used water slides on my RG RX-78, and stickers on my RG Freedom, and as I have an Aile Strike coming in the post, I’d much prefer the water slides, but I can’t seem to find any anywhere.

        In regards to the anime, I don’t know anything really about Seed and Seed Destiny. I know the Wing anime from my childhood. I have watched the original series (1 Yr War) a couple of times. I’ve also seen the 8th MS Team, Stardust Memories, and War in the Pocket. My plan was to watch the anime series’s in order of their respective timelines, but do you recommend any that may stand out? I am about to start Zeta.

        • I only mentioned Seed and Seed Destiny because those are the MS’s that are being released in RG and you asked about what might be upcoming, there’s no need for you to know the anime itself only that those are the names of the main character’s Gundams which is how I came to my guess, basically I was just giving the reasons behind my guess, sorry for the confusion.

          anyways as for Wing I did really like that as well the problem with putting them into RG format right now is the scale, they’re actually too small for the standard RG skeleton. Since gundam model lines are to a certain scale this becomes important, now then the thing about Wing Gundams is they stand at about 16 meters with tallgeese at 17 meters where the standard mobile suit is 18 meters tall. That doesn’t mean there can’t be Gundam Wing suits in RG kits just that it’s more difficult. Also to add to that Victory Gundam which I mentioned earlier is only 15 meters tall.

          now then to your new question I can’t really recommend anything from the UC (original) timeline, it’s all quite good and I don’t know your specific tastes, other than you like Gundam Wing but on that line I would recommend watching Gundam 00 as it’s quite similar in some regards to Wing.