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    Alrighty! time for an update! I now have both the G-self and Try Burning ready for the kitbash but before that…POSES! with the G-self’s headless body and my Amazing Exia! and GEEZ the G-self needs SO MANY STICKERS! but in the end it was quite worth all the hard work! I’ve also got the parts for the kitbash lined up, however I haven’t painted them yet so ill be getting to that. Now the only thing I REALLY need is the Transient Gundam and after some hard work and a bit of Elbow Grease ill be able to show you guys the final Product!
    • Don’t paint until you have everything. When it comes to kit bashing, you’ll generally have to do some modding to parts to make them work, so it’s better to paint when you know everything will work together.

      The most fun about kit bashing, is making everything look more fitting to you. if you like the stock look of the parts, that’s awesome, but experiment a bit, and change the look of some parts. just adding little extras here and there can really bump up the appeal. 😀

    • thank you! you’ve been such a helpful guy since I started posting, ill be sure to see what I can do and continue to make improvements along the way 😀