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    So I’ve gotten a fair bit accomplished on my NG Prototype Dom. Sadly some of the pictures look like garbage, even though they looked fine on the camera. The first picture is of the torso and half the arms. The torso is not glued together because I need to route a couple wires for the LED mod. The hands I’m going to use are leftover from a HG ZakuII F2, instead of the nasty old msv hands.

    The arms (well, lower arms) are being modified so that it can allow a polycap inside for the new hands. The polycaps were leftovers from a Armored Core kit, and with some slight modifying, worked quite nicely.

    On another matter, I’m modifying the feet slightly to have a larger range of forward and back movement. And the ankle point is being majorly modified so that the foot can also rock side to side, and possibly rotate if I can find a couple pieces from my parts bin to allow that.

    I still have more plans for this guy, some of which might include a new weapon from scratch. Stay tuned.