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    As always I’m first to comment to win the prizes.
    I have a feeling that some people are waiting that a lot of comments appear before posting because this way they have more chance to win.
    But guys it’s totally random, so number one has the same chances to win as any other numbers.
    And as always very good show Syd and Ryan with lots of interesting kits.
    The Thunderbolts kits are really good, especially as HGs. The only downside as always is those damned stickers, I always hated them and I never start a Gunpla until I get the water slides for it. But Bandai never released them for the Thunderbolt kits. So I have a question for Syd and Ryan or anyone who knows the answer: how does Bandai works in the decision of releasing water slides? The amount of sales maybe? I noticed that MG AGE kits don’t have any of them available but I think this is due to the tiny amount of markings those kits have.
    That’s a plausible explanation for light marking kits but for the others?