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    Hello everyone I have a question:
    I read on the net that Mr Color is a special type of acrylic paint and should be thinned with Mr Color thinner. I have some pots of this brand of paint that I didn’t used yet.
    I have only Tamiya’s acrylic thinner and my question is can I use this thinner with Mr Color paints?
    Thanks in advance for the replies and greetings from the beautiful land of Provence in France. ^^

    • you can try it but I doubt it will work. Gunze, the maker of Mr.Color has different lines one of them is Mr Color Aqueous which is an acrylic paint, but the one normally reffered to as Mr.Color is a water based lacquer paint. if however what you do have is Mr Color Aqueous then I suppose it would work, the problem is I have no idea how to tell the two apart but the stores I go to seem to be able to tell somehow.

    • It’s Gundam Color pots. I can read Japanese but nothing about the nature of the paint is written on it.
      It only says that it’s semi gloss and has some numbers on it, for instance the blue is “Blue 17” and “CG72”.

    • Gundam color by Mr. Hobby are all lacquer base. But with more experience modeler, they can see there are normal paint color also a gundam color except normal color is lot more cheaper than Gundam color, lol.
      And no, Mr. Hobby Acrylic is nothing special, they don’t need special thinner too. It just a market business. You can thinned down with any thinner like Gaianotes too. Tamiya should do the same trick but don’t take me words on this as I never use Tamiya thinner in my entire life except enamel thinner…lol.
      Refer to your question of ‘can I use this thinner with Mr Color paints?’ answer is no. They don’t mix. Even when you add your thinner into it, it does show mix but leave it alone, the paint and thinner will start to separate their own way. Cheers. 🙂