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    I’m concerned a bit. I’m not sure on the rulings but based on the description of the group, I’m seeing projects that belong in the Intermediate category. This mostly pertains to painting the entire kit, either airbrush or hand painting. I’m not trying to bash the works or anything. I just feel like they should be in the Intermediate category.

    • Other than that. I’m loving all of the work everyone is putting into the hobby. Keep it up!

    • Exactly! I thought I’m the only one who thought of this. I’ve seen projects where it belongs to intermediate and even advanced probably. But on the other hand, HLJ staffs have the rights to either promote/demote contestants. So I’m just hoping that the staffs had an objective view regarding which entry belongs to beginner, intermediate or advanced so that this competition remained fair and balanced for everybody.

    • WIPs, i think (not sure though), are allowed to be posted in all category groups. But have to choose only one category in their final output.