• Sopunth S posted an update in the group Group logo of Beginner Modeler - Modeling Competition 2017Beginner Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 6 years, 1 month ago

    Almost a month has gone by and I still can’t decide what to enter the competition with. Here are 2 more kits being considered (in addition to the Tirpitz and Yubari being considered earlier)…..
    • Out of the 4 you listed, I’d go with either the Hiei or Tirpitz. I’d paint them original schemes and maybe move up to intermediate. Not sure why beginner class = hand painting. IMO, beginners = original paint scheme + no modifications.

    • Thanks for your comments! Ships are only tricky in that the parts are sometimes very small. But this just adds to their “charm” after its all built and done.

    • Yeah I love the camouflage scheme for Tirpitz too! Same goes for the Akitsumaru.

      Yeah, I might move over to the intermediate later as it seems I may need to add other bits and pieces from other kits…..