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    Now that i finished my Kong, i’m aiming to finish the Cosmo Zero. This picture is really for Wiz, mainly to show the colors of the official set. I used a white base coat under the silver for the missiles to give them a lighter color. I think the kit would have probably benefited from the whole thing getting the white undercoat, but i like the darker contrast. Still have to paint the 4 missile stabilizers. Going to go with the darker base coat like the main body. First coat of red for the main red. Yellow is character yellow. Has a nice orange hint to it, and it doesn’t have that almost green tint that most yellows have.
    • Looks great. I manage to get a set of the official paint also so I’m itching to build one of my own. I’ll probably start on the Yamamoto, Not going to light it up like you though so I’m looking forward to your laght effects. BTW. Which yellow did you use?

    • Looking forward to your build. I said the yellow in second to last sentence. :p It’s Mr. Color Character Yellow.

    • Saw the Character Yellow. I saw on the Dengeki and Hobby Japan 2199 model book that they used a gloss black undercoat before the Silver. Seems to be a common technique for Metallic coats?

    • But… but… you just asked what color. lmao

      Yea The reason gloss black is used is because it has reflective properties which allow light to reflect off of the metallic finish. You can try other colors too, Like for a shiney gold, a gloss red adds a nice hue to it. My friend used Gloss blue under metallics on a bike… it was epic!