• Nick posted a new activity comment 7 years, 11 months ago

    Adding to what @slater4u said, for most painting I’d take apart a model then coat it in sections. This will also help exposed joints not get sealed by top coat.
    Also, I wouldn’t recommend trying to top-coat clear pieces as they can fog up really easily.

  • teetee580 posted a new activity comment 8 years ago

    I have to agree with all of you on this subject. I was a bit disappointed that after the MG Hi-Nu Ver.Ka. they’ve announced a variation on a suit that we have some others of as a “Big MG Release”. And to be honest, after building a PG Red Frame, a MG Red, Blue, Green, Gold or a Pink one for that matter doesn’t get me that want to build one.
    As for…[Read more]

  • RX posted a new activity comment 8 years, 6 months ago

    Coo tks a lot @Slater4u