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    Hi! I have a question regarding of MG Gundam Exia reg ver. and I’m currently building it, and I have a problem on it’s hatch, it won’t stay closed, can you suggest something so that I can solve this matter? Thank you.

    • As I don’t have the model itself and not exactly sure what the reg ver. is, I’ve looked at the instruction manual for the MG Exia Repair and my guess is that maybe the innerframe part of the cockpit hatch isn’t “clicked” in all the way. In the manual it states that you should get a sound when it clicks into place.
      Another thing that I can see from the manual is that the feet of the pilot may get in the way of the back half of the “C” shaped clicking part of the innerframe of the hatch. Is the pilot pressed fully back in his seat?
      Or maybe you got part A11 and A12 mixed around…?
      I’m sorry, this is all I can come up with at the moment 🙁 If you try these things and it still doesn’t work out, please let me know and I’ll try to look for some more options.
      Good luck