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    Hi, I’m new to this group, and I have a question, I have just finished my MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package, and recently my order just arrived, and it’s MG Universe Booster, as I looked in the manual, I just found out that I have to dissemble the Shield just to make it the absorb shield, and my problem is how can I dissemble it properly? I tried it and I’m afraid I might break something.

    • You have to pry it open, but really careful. This is normally done with a parts separator. But I take it you don’t have one.
      You can use your knife and gently stick it between the parts. Don’t use a twisting motion, as it will damage the edges. If you hold the part horizontal the move the knife in an upward and downward movement.
      This way you’ll do as little as damage as possible to the part. Once there is a little gap, don’t go any further on that side, as it will put stress to the pegs in an angle which will surely break them.
      Just move to the opposite side and start the procedure again. If there are more edges, go the the edge farthest away from the second edge, then the opposite edge from that one and so forth.
      Of course, if you can find something else as a knife, but with an edge that can get between the parts, use that. Or if the knife has created a gap big enough for a tool with less chance of doing damage to get in the gap, use that tool from thereon out.
      I hope this helps you out. Good luck and happy building

      • Thank you so much, happy building too. ^_^

      • another thing is if you might want to trim the pegs a little bit so the next time you want to disassemble them its going to be a lot easier. I usually trim them 45deg from the top.

        As for a part separator, I just went to my local kitchen utility shop and look for a small plastic knife