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  • shiba619 posted an update in the group Group logo of Canada EH?Canada EH? 6 years, 3 months ago

    Just arrived in Canada, near Montreal ! Any way for meeting with people and sharing their passion ? 🙂

    • Welcome to Montreal. Here is a link to the best (and really only) gunpla shop in the city. http://www.scifianime.ca. It is located downtown. If you need supplies, you have to hit Udisco on Decarie. It is a distributor warehouse and they have tons of stuff.

      • Alright, thanks a lot for the information ! I’ll check that out. I already dropped by scifi anime once I think. I’ll check the Udisco one. Might need some stuff that time.
        If you happen to have some time one day, how about we get together 🙂 ?

      • Ming Cheung, are you still around ? I’m gathering with another guy for touring the places in Montreal in a small group … would you be interested in joining the gang ?
        Let me know 🙂

    • I didn’t in Montreal there’s such a supply store. Gotta checkcuz the one I go to is in cote vertu and the guy is mean

      • Alright so actually I dig up a bit all that … First for supplies, I found a great shop in Snowdon Metro area.
        Here is the shop Udisco :
        I have been there. They have a lot of things. A lot of plastic models (cars, tanks, planes, military men, monsters (?)) but not a single Gundam as far as I could see. I found 2 or 3 models of Ma.k though. And some pretty cool military boats (huge Yamato and some others that I forgot right now). Regarding the supplies, I believe it’s heaven. Tamiya paint and spray cans, enamel humbrol, coats, air brushes, brushes … I can’t tell everything but basically, if you need something for your supplies, go there. The guys are like old men who definitely know what they are talking about ! One of them with a big beard is a big off though but the others are really nice ! (He’s a bit off but he knows his shit for sure).

        Then I went to that scifi anime shop. I was quite disappointed I was expecting for more. Yes they have Gundam models though and an ok selection, not a lot of choices but if that’s new models, you’d be able to find them I bet. Regarding the supplies that’s less great, last time I went there, their paints stands were almost empty.
        Basically scifi anime, if you live around there or happen to pass by, drop there and hope to find your models otherwise …. I’m still looking for a greater shop for models though. If we can gather some people to meet up in Montreal, that might be fun, hit me up !

        • I like your idea Shiba. but I don’t think there’s a lot of hobby shop in Montreal. I check the Ubiso shop website. OMG! Their stuff is so cheap compared to the store at cote vertu