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    Couple pics of the Hyaku Shiki from the Gunpla Expo. The gold seems to be like the HD version, I like it. I’m also fond of the details, especially on the wings/binders.

    Also a pic of the Red Zeta because I think it looks bad-ass, pity it’s an online exclusive, don’t feel like spending extra to get it.

    • for the price of hyaku shiki without gold chrome parts is not really worth it i dont think i was thinking oh chrome gold but its hd gold

    • I have a feeling that the chrome version of Hyaku Shiki will be P-Bandai exclusive.

    • I really would like to some how buy both kit’s even if the MG Red Zeta is going to be pricey

    • I can say the Hyaki Shiki looks epic.

    • Interesting if Bandai does it. Chrome was the normal version of 1.0, and the matte gold like the 2.0 was the HD version, which was limited and more of a premium at the time.

    • I always found dealing with chromes parts a pain. Spraying them matte on the other hand, can give a nice effect