• Shack posted an update in the group Group logo of What do you want to see from Bandai?What do you want to see from Bandai? 6 years, 8 months ago

    How long do you think until we see PG Banshee? Few extra runners and it’s done. I think dark blue/black with orange lit up frame would be amazing looking. Thats if it has LEDs.

    • On the plates of the PG Unicorn it has the collar, head pieces, forearm pieces, and shield parts able to be removed. We’ll definitely see a PG Banshee, it’s just a matter of it being P-Bandai or regular release.

      • Considering the FA parts are P-Bandai, I’m betting(read: hoping) it’ll be a regular release. I’ll bet they’ll release the Norn as a P-Bandai exclusive again though.