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  • Shack posted an update in the group Group logo of perfect grade onlyperfect grade only 4 years, 10 months ago

    Finally finished the PG Unicorn, took a while but it was well worth it. First PG I’ve ever built. Thinking of doing another one in the near future. 00 Raiser or the Wing Zero Custom (just finished watching Wing).

    Anyway, few quick pics:

    • very nice , mine arrived today at last (thanks to a 2 week stay in UK customs , grrrr) its good to see a completeed kit with all the lining done , gives me a good idea of what mine will look like 🙂

    • Because I dont paint (yet), I did a lot of lining and smudging with a cotton bud, which sort of gave it a shaded effect around all the lines. Took a lot of time but I’m satisfied.

      The toughest part with the LEDs is understanding what they want you to do, toughest part was the shoulders for me.

    • Did you try to transform it back to unicorn?Am having problem with the facemask.It doesn’t seem to have clearance to slide down enough when attached to the neck, to allow the destroy mode face to go back inside the head.

    • I’ve had no problem. You have to slide the top of the head, dont forget, that creates the clearance for me.

    • The top slides alright, but the Unicorn faceplate doesn’t rotate down enough to make clearance for the Destroy mode face to be tucked back inside. I have to apply a bit of pressure to make the neck bend back to make clearance.