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    could do what I did ages ago, a Nu Unicorn, or Nunicorn gundam, If I were to build it again Id do it a bit different though. First Id use Hguc destroy mode unicorn gundam, with hguc nu gundam. maybe Nu gundam heavy weapons system.

    First the unicorns body stays the same except modify the v fin to have Nu gundams crest and v fin, if compatible change the back pack to nu gundam, if not I would need its main beam saber, funnels and connector for funnels. If we have to use unicorns thruster pack, remove its right beam saber (facing unit from behind) and replace with nu gundams, then remove left beam saber for the funnel mount point

    Replace unicorns shield with nu gundams, and give him either beam magnum or nu gundams heavy weapon type rifle. Paint it in nu gundams scheme and Nunicorn in its confusing to describe glory!