• teetee580 posted a new activity comment 5 years, 11 months ago

    @scid, you’re making my Gundam blush! LOL.
    But great idea, never thought of that….

  • Mauricokito posted a new activity comment 6 years, 3 months ago

    Oh wow! Gotta love this site with all the support I’m getting. Thank you all very much for the replies and awesome jobs on those builds from you guys. I’m definately getting encouraged to go with Hasegawa. I’m not an advance modeler but I’m no beginner either. I built some fighter jets from Revell a long time ago which I glued together and painted…[Read more]

    • You’re welcome Mauricokito !
      If you had made some model kits (well, Revell ain’t so bad, though…), you should do a good job with hasegawa’s model kits.
      I have assembled a FW-190D on 1/72 few hours ago, no problem at all.
      As with Tamiya’s kits, modeling is pure entertainement !
      For the paints, it depends on the stuff you will find in your…[Read more]

    • I allways use tamiya’s cemet I have both the normal cement, perfect for samall to medium parts and the extra thin cement , you can use that in case you hace a gap between parts after u used the normal cenet and big parts that need to be glued,, and abut the paints, I usually work with acrilics as a base and enamels for detailing, no specific…[Read more]

      • My friend, thanks again for your advice, I really appreciate it. Cant wait to start with kits!

        • anytime,, please ask if you have any doubts , Im shure someone in the group will have an answer, and please share your kits with us!

          • yes, despite I don’t come here everyday, you can also pass through my website and ask me somequestions on the “contact” page…
            I’m working on an english version of my site, too

            What have you bought to begin ?

            • I got 1/72 RVF-25 Messiah and 1/72 VF-11B Nothung II.
              Could you guys tell me what colors to use for these kits?

              • you’ve got the paint references (in mr hobby acrylics) on the instructions.
                if you havn’t any mr hobby in stock or in shops near you, you can find the matching colors on some sites like IPMS STOCKHOLM, juste searching “tamiya colors humbrol gunze” for example

  • Phillip posted a new activity comment 7 years ago

    Bro @scid mine arrived too!!

  • Phillip posted a new activity comment 7 years, 4 months ago

    Bro @scid I find architectural models so fascinating… like mini toy houses. Always wanted to learn how to do that…

    • Models is hard to make..some use polycarbonate..some use wood and some use hard paper..when I’m studying last time I only make a few and to be honest I’m not good at it because of time 🙂 Now we usually use professional modelling and they charge us from 10k to 200K depend on the scale of the model 🙂

  • Phillip posted a new activity comment 7 years, 4 months ago

    Haha nice pose bro @scid

  • Phillip posted a new activity comment 7 years, 4 months ago

    @scid bro, I will post more details when they announce it. Usually they will release one Gentei kit every day. U can take a drive down from M’sia. 😛

  • Phillip posted a new activity comment 7 years, 6 months ago

    @scid bro. What’s roughly the price of a HG kit in RM?

  • Phillip posted a new activity comment 7 years, 6 months ago

    Hi @scid yea they are paint markers so dark bkgrds are no problem. But u have to shake up well before each use or u will just get the oils and v little paint lol