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  • scid posted an update in the group Group logo of Patlabor!Patlabor! 4 years, 7 months ago

    My old build..AV-98 Ingram 3..really nice kit but lack in articulation..can’t wait for my other Ingram including the newest released by Bandai
    • That looks awesome! My Ingram 1 is still not done. Will do 2 and 3 after. They aren’t bad at all for 12 year old kits. I might hold off until I get an airbrush. Also want to build that Pit Road command car. You’ll like the new kit, really fun build. What hangar base is that?

    • The hangar is by bandai..just search ms hangar..my other ingram maybe I’ll weather it a bit..waiting my Ingram 2 with LED that being restock by Bandai..that kit actually being discontinued..once saw it at Hlj I just cant resist to immediately grab it..that pit road command car maybe I;ll grab it at hlj next black friday sale if they’re having just like previous year