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    WIP #4 Alto Custom..almost finish..only decals and panel lining only left before final top coat

    • I have the same kit in my backlog! Keep up the good work! Good luck! You may just have help me start on mine.

      • initially this kit is the hardest snap fit ever! plus the plastic is soft so easy to cut but its also mean that can easily broken..I already broken a peg 🙁 already glued it) the transformation is tricky and some of the assembly is hard to understand..if nu ver ka is level 2 in assembling this kit would be 4..but I m really enjoying it 🙂

        • Thanks for the input! I quickly browse through the manual and trying to decide between this or the Sinanju. The manual is definitely different even though its both from Bandai, I guess my eyes just needs adjusting. Though, its an interesting kit.