• Sazabee posted an update in the group Group logo of Gundam Forums Gundam Forums 7 years, 6 months ago

    Today I was finally able to wrap up the decals on my current Project!

    Sadly I wasn’t able to give it the final Flat Matte Topcoat :C but I’ll do that on Thursday x.x;

    On a side note, Manny Pacquiao won tonight sadly it wasn’t a KO but atleast he wasn’t robbed out of this win like he did the last one (against Bradley). Though I must admit Bradley definitely put up a proper fight.

    Anddddd here’s a potato low quality picture of what the decals on the arms look like! (Small preview though I love the Skirt/Shoulders x.x)

    • Looking real good, especially those red parts. The darker tone works a lot better than your typical red.

    • Thanks, I’m hoping that the Flat Cote wouldn’t mess it up 😐

    • The fact that you haven’t encountered much issues to this point should be a good sign. I think the only worry would be the gold where it might become too dull, assuming you’re flat-coating the entire thing (frame + armor together).

    • I’m probably going to use some Masking to cover the major components which are gold. Can’t wait till I get the chance to finish this up x.x

      Haven’t gotten started on my SD Contest Piece for my Club lol

    • The Strike Freedom is looking better and better. The decals are really coming along nicely. Can’t wait to see the whole thing together and top coated.

    • A very good plan on that masking idea Saz. I wouldn’t want to loose that Gold sheen myself. Man, kits become so delicate after they are painted. It would be safe not to disassemble it again.