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    The more and more I look at the Blue Frame D, the less and less I like it and it’s concept. I may be a bit of an MG snob but I’m not really enthused by a blue frame with an aile pack on it and a whole bunch of blades, even those blades are what first caught my attention. Does it seem like Bandai kind of cheaped out on this guy buy just throwing to sets of parts together and adding some?

    • I’m not the biggest fan of the blades all over its body but when you combine them all I think it looks pretty awesome. Most of the Astray designs are based off of pre existing suits in the Manga (hence reusing Striker packs) so I can’t really blame Bandai for making it true to the manga.

    • Honestly, the bigger issue is that Bandai releases to many SEED MG kits to begin with. I understand wy they do it, considering that pretty much every Gundam in SEED is interchangeable with the exception of a few, thus they can keep production costs down, while releasing “new” kits.

      They need to break away from SEED for a LONG time, and give some love to others. Where are the MGs for MS in OO? all OO got was Exia, OO, Quata, their variants, and the GN-X. Same goes for AGE. You got Age-1 kits, and Age-2 Kits, but where’s Age-3 and Age-fx? There are a lot of MS from multiple series that have yet to see an MG release, while some MS have multiple kits just for it. At least with G no Reconguista, we’ll see some new MGs, or just one MG for the g-self, while the others get ignored.

      • FINALLY I DIND SOMEONE WITH SOME SENSE! Everyone praises SEED Sooooooo much *cough* Jesus Yamato thumpers *cough* I was having a discussion the other day about the Age-3 and FX. They were announced and mock-ups displayed, but then they died off. Even some of the Vagan suits deserved the MG treatment. I mean, yeah, Age was pretty bad serieswise, but at least some great mobile suit designs came out of it. They even got two Mega Size kits. If Age can get some Mega size models, why can’t it get a few more MGs? SEED is just so overplayed. They even reused the strike frame for perfect grades. I mean, COME ON Bandai! Get it together lol.

      • I’d welcome a MG Grimore among others. However, since he seems to be so popular, we’ll probably end up with a Klim Nick version of the Space Jahannam. I’d also love some 00 love as well but the end of Unicorns and beginning of The Origin probably mean more UC suits, not that I’d turn down a MG Rozen Zulu.

    • I’m not a big fan of the Aile Pack on Blue Frame D. I feel like Bandai just want to come up with some new products without putting much effort into it. If they, at least, come up with a brand new backpack for Blue Frame D, then I might be interested.

    • I have to agree with all of you on this subject. I was a bit disappointed that after the MG Hi-Nu Ver.Ka. they’ve announced a variation on a suit that we have some others of as a “Big MG Release”. And to be honest, after building a PG Red Frame, a MG Red, Blue, Green, Gold or a Pink one for that matter doesn’t get me that want to build one.
      As for the Seed range, I have to concur with that a bit. I’m waiting for some 2.0 or RM versions to come out. Especially the Strike Freedom. Those rods for the Dragoons…. And what about a new Freedom Gundam, not to mention the Providence or Justice Gundam. And what about a grunt suit like the Ginn….?
      And those from OO, I’m sure there are a lot of fans out there too which want a lot more suits, grunt or not.
      But @Slater4u is definitely right, production costs, they need to make more profit as they do….

    • I actually hate this model. My favorite model is the Blue frame but personally this makes it look stupid in my opinion…

      • While the blue frame 2nd isn’t my favorite, I do agree that its the better of the two. Here’s hoping for a better MG season in 2015

        • What i really want is an MG Kshatriya. Not a resin model… but ya… hoping then next year brings some awesome MGs.

          • Probably won’t get an MG Kshatriya, RE/100 is more likely given the RE/100 Nightingale. My personal desire is a Saviour if it wasn’t obvious πŸ˜›