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    Hello?, Ugh this is my first time here in this forum so… ok, so since we have a cold weather here (Philippines) I believe 27 degrees celcius, thats not the ideal temperature for painting, so I just build first my Gunpla, although its not my official entry so yeah, I’m just showing this pic, my entry is the redframe astray, don’t worry about the exia, but the thing here is the hands of the ARF is broken, thankfully I have a spare one hehehe, since my order on HLJ is still pending I will stick to ARF for a while, If I’m not mistaken aslong as you ahave a order no. you can use any gunpla, Don’t worry its not a bootleg, I bought it in mall but twice the price… so yeah no paint for a while so correct about the Rules and Regulations about any gunpla will be fine aslong as you have an order, thats it for me.
    • 27 degrees celcius is cold over there? Well, it was a balmy 5 degrees over in Toronto, Canada yesterday. For winter that’s incredibly mild.

      You’re good on model choice, reason being that you’re using a plastic model that is, and has been, available through HLJ, and you have a customer number. As long as you haven’t posted pictures of your model elsewhere, it’ll be perfectly eligible.

    • ah yes, the 27 degrees celcius here is cold, since we are tropical rainforest, people are not used to that temperature. anyway thanks, for the info glad someone read my post 🙂 I’ll post some parts of my work soon, I hope you give me some knowledge on some, but I guess ill be making some swords, since katana is already a overuse props in my opinion so yeah, Thanks again.