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    This weeks question from the show: What do you usually get on your birthday?

    • 1 item of my chossing .its been like that sense ghostbusters & transformers g1 toys were stop beening sold…

    • Ooo the last thing I got was the HP Phoenix Envy gaming rig

    • for term “usually” on me it was : best wishes form my mum, and one wrap-packet of fried noodle to be enjoyed together

    • At my age, I consider myself lucky if I even get a “Happy Birthday!” 🙂

    • Usually I get dinner and a gift from the family. My father tends to send me some cash as well. I’m hoping to have that day off of work. You think that would be easy since I make the schedule but it doesn’t seem to work out that way.

    • This year I got an AR15. Good on ya Dad!

    • I bought what I want then ‘claim’ it as my birthday present from my wife. Easier than getting permission lol.

    • Since I started Gunpla I always make it sure to buy myself a MG Gundam Model Kit as a gift for myself. I don’t usually get gifts from others. I’m happy enough to be greeted Happy Birthday, and be glad that they remember. 🙂

    • Hmmm I used to get a diecast plane from my wife on birthdays and for Christmas. These days we would pretty much “buy” each other a shipment from HLJ, birthdays or not! Figures, Macross, Gunpla, Nendoroids… Ever since we discovered Private Warehouse, my goodness… there’s no end to the orders!

      • Music to my ears 😛

      • I stronglu agree! Private warehouse’s been awesome for the past year or so! Helped a lot. Helps with organizing your gifts too. 😛 Whenever I can “poke out” something from either my brother or my girlfriend-soon-to-be-wife I just dump it there and I’m set. 🙂 Arrangement of package as you see fit is the best part. You can really cut some costs on that feat! Thanks HLJ!

    • i’m usually get nothing..but after growing up and seeing gunpla tv I started to remember my first MG Aile strike that I shared buying with my brother..and now I started to collecting gunpla after 18 years from my last gunpla again :))

    • I have a very nice friend with more money than sense, so whenever we go to a comicon or convention, I’ll normally point at something and say “buy me that for christmas/my birthday.” Last time was the HGFC Shining Gundam. I can rely on him for Gunpla related gifts 😀

    • my family has a really hard time finding gifts for me because when i want something i just buy it…

      as a result my step brother has forbidden me of buying video games 2 months prior to my birthday ^^

      but i guess this year it will be easy… PS4… maybe… surely ^^