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    This is what my submission will look like. What’s left is the painting of the figure, the base and the custom submachine gun.
    • Did you use Lincoln Wright’s tamiya putty technique? Either way nice!

    • Yes sort of, I varied it a little. I put the putty in a palette and dilute it with lacquer thinner, then I took a stiff unwanted brush and steeple it. After it is dried, I lightly sand some areas (not all) with Tamiya grade 1000 sandpaper.

    • Hi Kaminoan, I quite fancy making a mak sometime – do they have polycaps like gunpla or are waiting to be fixed when finished? Cool build BTW

    • Thanks 😉 They have poly caps too so that the joints are articulated. This is my first Ma.k build and I love it. I recommend that you try the archelon, I think it has more posability because of its geometry.

    • word up!

      Thanks for the link – I can see my gunpla build q having an interuppt soon…