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    Got a little distracted this week by some of my other free time killing activities. However the Sniper II was completed earlier this morning. This kit went together really fast….suspiciously fast. Not that there was a lack of parts, mayhap I simply enjoyed building it so much 😉 . It was a great kit though. What you would expect from any other GM variant plus a little more. Would be nice to see this suit get turned into an MG. Since its the precursor to the Nemo I imagine it would take too much work to get it done. Not that I would build it either way :D.

    I digress, before anyone says anything about the pose. I decided to go with the dual beam sabers instead of the rifle is to show that the suit was more than capable of close quarter in the Gundam universe. Plus its fun to do something a bit out of the ordinary.

    I’m over joyed to have a completed version of one of my favorite MS designs of all time. If you haven’t given this kit a shot and your a fan of cannon fodder, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Now on to my next project, the UC Marasai.

    • Nice job @roehm21! Never thought I would love grunt/cannon fodder suits, but that all changed after building a Zaku II and GINN. This is now really tempting to add to the list instead of another mono-eyed unit. Lol!

      • I can totally relate to it. I for myself was never fond of Grunt MS but after building (testing) a few my opinion changed radically. They are great!

    • Where’s the little guy?! 🙂