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    My base kit arrived today, 2 days to get the the UK and then 5 days for customs to release it to me, gotta love our speedy customs service XD
    This will have a resin conversion fitted along with a couple of leds, added surface detail and scribed panel lines, and a new weapon unit fitted.
    Let the test fitting commence.
    • I have this model. I have been terrified to build it in fear of ruining it. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    • this is actually the third one of these I own, had to buy it direct from hlj to be eligible 😛

    • 3! (Uncontrollable drooling)

    • Man that’s a lot zeon kits there. Yeah I need to finish my own sazabi. It’s an amazing kit already and findin ways to improve it will be a challenge in itself. I can’t wait what you’re going to do with this one.

    • Only 5 days in customs? I’m from Poland. One of my last packages (from November 2016) spent 3 weeks in customs. Sent on 2nd of November reached Customs on 8th and was delivered on 29th. I needed to call them many times and they were always saying that they will send it right away.
      But fortunately that was one time, usually takes up to 3 days.
      Good luck with the build. Mine Sazabi is waiting – need to finish contest project first 😉

    • I’ll count my 5 days as lucky then 😛