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    Can I just get some clarification, does the kit HAVE to have been bought off HLJ?
    the rules say that
    “Entries can be made using any combination of any model kits which were/are available for purchase on”
    but also
    “Prize winners may be asked to prove the entry was originally purchased from”

    • i’m confused about this too.

      • You may enter with a kit bought from a third party website that HLJ sells, however you will not be eligible for prizes if you win.

        • Not true according the Rules as written.

          In a Post/Comment by Syd himself

          “The rules have been clarified to state clearly that the kit can be purchased from somewhere other than however you will need a customer account at in order to submit your final order and claim any prizes.”

          and the FAQ in the rules

          “Q. Can I enter with a kit that I didn’t purchase from HLJ?

          A. You can use a kit that was not purchased through, however, you will need a customer account in order to submit your final entry and receive any prizes should you win.

          Just don’t know why you may be asked to provide proof of purchase if as under rules as written the kit does not have to have been purchased from HLJ to eligible to enter and claim prizes should you place as long as you have a customer account.