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  • rezazereza posted an update in the group Group logo of Gunpla TVGunpla TV 3 years, 4 months ago

    I think it’s time for to quit this hobby. I’ve never been this angry. The kit was fine but the decal(s), oh my god! Thank you, everyone. It has been a nice experience knowing you guys here. Goodbye Gunpla TV. Fuck you, Bandai!!
    • ….all the other kids had fun…

    • I bet they are 🙂
      Well, I’ll just stick to the military kits 😉

    • but this reminds me of the Audi Urquattro I built. Shown here at the automotive group. Everything went fine until I tried to place this hughe and rather old decals for the ralley design… I ended in spraying it with my airbrush, after I cooled down..

    • Oo.. same with my rg sinanju. I’ve never had problems putting decals (rg, mg, pg, macross kits), i have no problem at all with the kit, but the decals urrrgghh.. :)) especially on the legs part. Btw, excuse my broken english :))

    • Is this the RG Sinanju? if your that frustrated with the RG just go HG or even some MG’s they dont have the same amount of decals. It would be sad to see anyone give up Gunpla.

    • @XClops
      I don’t mind the high amount of decals. I was frustrated with quality. I’ve built both HG and MG a long time ago.