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    I hope Bandai would make a MG of Kshatriya!

    • They’ve tried to do it before, it would be too bimg and expensive and numbers say that the price won’t be in their favor, so they’re not doing it sadly.

      • Thats a very sad news… =( But if ever they would make one I will really buy it even if the price is of a PG. =) hahaha that is how I want it badly.

    • but maybe a IBO type 1/100, or an RE is possible

      • Yeah i guess but Im still hoping that someday they would make an MG.

        • If you are that desperate in getting a 1/100 Kshatriya, there was this company called Elynn or something in that range which build one (the company goes under a different name now, they recently build the Tief Stürmer). The parts where already (badly) separated from the runners. Maybe you can still hunt one down on E-bay or Amazon. I know there are a few builders that reviewed the kit on YouTube

          • Ok. I searched for the Elynn brand and they are out stock… 🙁 ill try in ebay or amazon. Also i stumbled upon a 1/72 scale from g-systems best. I tried to email them and im still waiting for their reply. Hope they can sell me one. Really getting obssessed with the Kshatriya design. Haha

    • Bandai put up a big picture of the Kshatriya in the Re/100 section last year with the words “In Planning”. Hopefully we’re going to finally get a 1/100 Kshatriya, but unfortunately no MG 🙁

      • Based on experience are the RE as good as the MG?

        • Re/100 are better than older MGs but not quite as good as new ones. Overall they are about the same as the early 2.0 era MGs.
          Still good models over all, though the Nightingale isn’t quite as good as the other RE/100s due to its awkward design.

          Bandai has been thinking about Kshatriya I reckon it’ll be great kit, even in RE/100 rather than MG.

          • Wow thats good news then. 🙂 Ill be looking forward to Bandai’s 1/100 Kshatriya. Hoping it will be this year.