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    Hello again, and it’s me with another question~! \(^___^)/

    Does anyone know which companies selling all those conversion kits and extra add-ons to existing BANDAI kits are actually licensed by BANDAI? I even see some outrageous huge and/or detailed kits that I think are straight up new builds, but I can’t seem to find any BANDAI endorsement for them anywhere (I can’t read Japanese, so maybe that’s why?). Any information would be greatly appreciated as I don’t want to end up accidentally supporting any manufacturer trying to mess with BANDAI rights. Thanks in advance! 😀

    • They nearly always aren’t officially licensed. With that said, official Bandai ones will be from the company “B-Club”, who do resin conversion kits for older models.
      Seeing as these were all in limited print I can’t imagine finding one is easy let alone cheap, so the closest thing you can probably get would be a 3rd party recast of a B-Club.

      • Yeah, I know about B-Club but I was really hoping at least G-System would be licensed; they follow a similar-ish naming convention after all! 😛

        I know Bandai went after TT Hongli for making copies of existing Bandai kits (which they are somehow still making… no idea how…), but does the fact they are not doing anything to G-System mean Bandai doesn’t mind or consider them too niche of a market to bother about?

        • I think it’s that Bandai doesn’t really mind add on sets. They don’t sell a copy of Bandais work, rather they get people to buy from Bandai more.
          Companies like TT Hongli just steal the models from Bandai and print them for cheaper so there’s definitely a reason for Bandai to stop them.

          • Hmmm, then I guess that’s why Bandai also ignores the unconventional size releases like 1/72, 1/35, etc. If they feel there is nothing wrong with them then it’s fine, I guess, though I wish they would just come out and say so. 😛