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    3 yrs on okinawa and this is what happens. now its time to go, but at least i have a solid idea of what i’ll be doing for the next decade or 2.
    • With all that plastic you could make a fort out of all the runners!

    • Woah, a life time supply of plamo! Gunpla isn’t widely available where i live without buying online, if i lived anywhere that it was more available such as Okinawa…i’d be broke.

    • i had to make sure i stocked up as much as i could. i’m not even sure gunpla exists where i’ll be headed next, then after that (funny enough that you should mention it), i’ll actually be moving to the very country you speak of which has no widely available gunpla. i am quite fearful of the coming famine, so i am feasting while i still can!