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    Trying my hand at some battle damage & weatherings (of sorts) for the 1st time. no real scheme or pattern, just trying some different stuff as i go along. also trying out panel lining by brush; cool to see it actually work the way i’ve seen it done in tutorials, sort of. i still need to dial in my paint/thinner mixture & work on attention to detail w/ where i’m putting the brush in general, tho. still got to detail the chest plate, skirt armor, and mud up the rt leg, so i still have a couple pieces left to practice on before i wrap this kit up.

    btw, this kit was built thanks to some motivation from seeing syd’s live stream build of the neo zeong; couldn’t watch w/out having something to build while he was building, lol

    • Looking very good so far. What kit is this? Looks like an EZ-8 but the chest looks different.

    • thanks!
      its an RGM-79[G] from 08th MS Team, same as EZ-8; just a bit less well known since it wasn’t given much attention in the series. it’s the suit that the 07 MS team was equipped with.

    • Ah yeah. It was the colour that threw me off. Just seen the finished product. Looks great!