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    Today’s dumb question: I’ve seen people separate out Gundam parts for painting/topcoating on the ends of sticks jammed into a foam block or similar material. So…what do you use to attach the parts to the other ends of the sticks without damaging them, but also not blocking any spray? (Tape’s out for that reason.)

    • I use either small alligator clips or a wad of Blu-Tack.

    • As Linker said, I too use the Alligator Clips you get from Michaels for $4 for 12 (yo use that 50% off Coupon doe). I recently bought some Tacky but I have 36 Clips and tbh idk if I’ll ever need the Blu Tack 😐

    • I use alligator clips as well for my painting needs.

    • I use masking tape. It’s very versatile. I cut about 1/2-1 inch of tape and roll it on the skewer. And then just attach the part on it.

      • That doesn’t damage any paint?

        • Not because it acts just like Tacky things, since it’s rolled up you put it either under the Part (like a connector).

          None of the Clips, Tack or tape should touch the surface to be painted.

          • I’ll have to give it a try. My test subject this time around has 3 measly points of articulation (it’s an AG kit), so that should work well.

            • I use it as I go. Alligator clips for the larger pieces, poster tack for the smaller rounded ones, or just sticking the end into a gap, if it fits.