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    As previously mentioned…Wing Zero Custom is done. My first MG, actually. Going to add decals, mods, and topcoat at a later date.
    • It looks really good. Clean build as always,

    • Thanks boss! Going to take you and Zeta-G’s advice and get some waterslides for it soon. Until then, there are other kits to build!

    • For the record, I wasn’t recommending water slides. I was recommending staying with the clean look. WZC isn’t exactly a realistic design to begin with, and I think that decals just detract from its angelic design.

    • Excellent. This thing will look even better when completed. How do you like the MG line over the HG?

    • As much as I dislike the suit and hate to admit it, it is a nice kit. Good job. Where did you get the hanger btw? Might want one at some point.

    • I see. Well, since it’ll stay as-is for a while, I guess we get the best of both worlds. 🙂

    • Lots of cool details, though finding a place to put this thing fully posed (with rifles and outspread wings) is going to be a a bitch. I still prefer the HG line, but that’s mainly because of price and a wider variety of suits. 🙂

    • It’s the H-Hangar system from Wave Corporation. I got mine from Gundam Planet; it’s two gray regular chain displays.

    • Just saw this now. Great job on the kit. Clean as always and the Heero fig is painted up nicely. I vote for putting some decals on the main suit itself. Angelic or not, it’s still something built by humans so it should have one or two warning decals somewhere.

    • And one of those warnings should be, “Don’t EVER use the goddamned ZERO System.”

    • Haha, I would seriously send that request to Samuel Decal and get it custom made.

    • Nice, lookin’ clean.
      I’m fixing to learn how to Handpaint x.x;; I mean seriously I just don’t feel confident enough lol.

      And Waterslides are great, but man it is exhausting and the results are equally as great.

    • I tried contacting them, and never got a reply. Oh well.

    • Would you be doing a fully painted kit by hand, or just handpainting details?

    • He’s really fast to respond through FB & Email.

      I’ve ordered from him 3 times and he’s very great to deal with lol. (Ordered the Nu Ver Ka Metal detail-up and waiting for it to come in) & I don’t even have the Kit yet lol. Message him on FB if he hasn’t responded to email but the guy is super legit.

    • I don’t use FB. 🙁

    • mhmm I’d say just give him time to respond to emails.

      He’s definitely my go to Decal guy if I need some, at the moment unsure what I’d need but meh.

    • I’ll email him again. Maybe the last one got lost, but it was months ago.

    • Best to just call there numbers hiding somewhere on their site.

    • A bit odd. I’ve dealt with him several times and he always responds within a few days. Granted, my requests have not been for custom designs.

    • He got back to me quickly this time. The last email must’ve just gotten lost. I’ve got a set of waterslide decals en route now; I’ll add ’em to the summer project pile!

    • Looking forward to them, man. To confirm, these are just standard or custom designed? Half of me is thinking you asked him to make decals with that warning about the ZERO System, haha.

    • Nah, I got his standard ones that are exact duplicates of those found in the kit, which is precisely what I wanted. (All of the other WZC decals I found on eBay, etc were slightly different.) There is a ZERO System decal in there, so I’m going to pretend that’s what the fine print says. 😉