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    Good idea, I was gonna start something like this ytd but I was busy and forgot! 😛

    So, let’s share a bit of ourselves!

    Here goes…

    If you’ve read my profile, you would know my OTHER main hobby is Aviation. I live, eat, drink and dream aviation. Nuts abt airplanes! I was with the Republic of Singapore Air Force for 7 yrs as a crew chief working on F-5s and RF-5s. In 2002 I left the Air Force and worked in a restaurant for a while being the head honcho lol. Fun times! Back then it was just after 9/11 so there wasn’t any aviation jobs. Got back into the aviation industry 1.5 yrs later as a technician working on airliners. Now I’m with Singapore Airlines as a planner.

    Other things abt myself… I love cats… have had 21 cats over the yrs… unfortunately just had to put one to sleep last Friday cos she had throat cancer and intestinal problems and was dying. 🙁

    I also bowl, love photography, and am a diehard fan of Manchester United since 1983, back when they were the underdogs.

    Ok, that’s me… Buddies @superxvegito, @bode76, @projectx1125, @bloodnut38, @ghostquanta, @zetaone71, @johnnel, @leehobby let’s hear a bit abt you outside of this hobby! 🙂

    • I finished school 3 months ago and started working on the 2nd of September as an operator at a chemical factory. I actually have to do the night shift today from 10pm till 6am (GMT+1). So I’m finally getting some money to expand my games and gunpla collection. 🙂

      Well for me my main hobby is gaming, mostly xbox and pc. I also do a bit of drawing and watching way to many animes xD. Gunpla is at the moment more of a side hobby since I can’t really afford to buy many modelkits. I only get one or 2 every few months.

    • Well I’m glad that this group is starting to pick up. Well think I should add my bit in. Well hi @Phillip, have to say big respect to a former service man. My farther was in the RAF so I have alway respected anyone from the service (mainly Air Force).

      Well abit about me, well finished university about 4 year ago now (why hasn’t time flow by) where i studied Information Systems from there I have spend a few years in technical support, but as I write this post tomorrow I will be starting a new role in sourcing and buying software for our clients. I needed a break from fitting people misforturnes with computer. Well other that this great hobby I also do other thing. mainly relaxing watching flims or playing the odd computer game.

      I do enjoy play and watch sport, mainly Rugby Union. My teams of chose is Llanelli Scarlets and the Welsh nation team.

      Ok, well that it from me, now over to you!!

      • Sorry for missing your post… so which sqn is your dad in? My sqn started out bk in the old days with 2 RAF commanders too. As you probably know, Singapore used to be part of the British Empire so we have a common heritage in that regard.

        • My Dad was in the MT section, believe it was was the storage flight. Rather a small world we do live in. That is true in 2 regards on with that and the other for a love of modeling.

    • Hi guys, first of all thanks for the mention Bro! @philliptan Thank you also to the one who had the idea of creating this group. Very nice. 🙂

      About my career, I graduated with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and then after worked as a data encoder in an outsourcing company for almost 3 years, after that I had a chance to work in another company which happens to be an Authorized Service Center of IBM (International Business Machines) working as a field engineer supporting clients about their computer and server problems. Unfrotunately the company went bankrupt and had to find another job. Now I am working as a Merchandising Assistant doing all the paper works.

      I love movies and anime. I love music, I had my own band years ago and get to perform in some places too. I was doing vocals and plays the rythm guitar. Currently I have no hobby other than gunpla. My work is what really consumes almost 70 percent of my time during weekdays and only have the weekend to do other things for myself including gundams. One more thing, I also love toys!

      As a young boy I was really into building something. I enjoyed building alomost anything made of plastic, from lego to toy robots that I get free from buying a cheap cheese curl snack. I think that was in year 1996 when I first watched a gundam series. The Gundam Wing Series. Later on while I was strolling in the mall I went to the toy section and saw the Gundam Wing kits, unfortunately I cant afford to buy such expensive thing back then. My allowance for school was very limited, my family isn’t rich. So I didn’t get the chance to have my own Gundam kit. What I did was I saved some money for a couple of months and was able to buy myself my first Gunpla. The HG 1/144 Deatscythe Hell Custom. Then the HG Heavy Arms EW, lastly was the HG Wing Zero Custom EW. Then I stopped collecting as financial problems uccurred. I had a tough time during college. I had to save up to buy my own books and fund my own school projects. I skipped meals just to save some money for the next day. After surviving all that and now earning my own money I can now buy myself what I was wanting for years. I bought the 1/100 HG Deathscythe Hell Custom EW. 🙂 I have now more than 15 MGs and still planning to collect more. LOL!

      Ok Buddies, that’s my share. A bit too long. LOL! Cant wait to see other’s post. ^_^v

    • Well, about me…. I have just started my A- Levels, and I am doing Art, Product Design, Physics and Geography! After doing to years at A-Level I hope to join BMW as a car designer as I have an apprenticeship place ready for me! As a hobby I love to make models, especially cars and gunpla, I draw a lot all the time, I also like to draw and design my own cars and vehicles using a drawing tablet for my computer! I also BMX and is a really big passion if mine and have been riding for about 2 years now! Gunpla is quiet a new model making hobby of mine but I love it, even more ever since I started MG for the competition, I also love anime and have for years since I was a child! But part time to pay for my kits I work at a pub, on Sundays which pays handsomely for my age…. And it helps me to buy model kits and bike parts and saving up for a car! Can’t wait to drive! But in the mean time whilst I save for a car, and do homework and school work I will carry on making the Strike Freedom for the Beginner Playing With Plamo Comp!

    • Hey bro. Sooooo….where to start.
      Well, I work in the entertainment industry as a theatre technician/mechanist or mech for short. For the last ten years I have been running the local theatre where I live. We are the busiest venue in Northern Australia – so any free time i get i try to squeeze in some gunpla (which isn’t much). I predominately run the staging area of the theatre – pretty much means that anything that comes to the venue, i have to take care of first before the other departments (sound and lighting) get to it, but it all depends on what type of show it is – rock n roll, musical, play, chamber music etc etc. The list goes on. Before that I was on tour throughout Australia with various gigs for about 5 years or so. And i guess before that i was working and/or managing in hospitality – pubs, nightclubs, bars.
      I’ve had heaps of other jobs – painter (houses), cleaner, baker, cook – even a sports journalist for about 2 years.
      I have always been into models and I’ve been into gundam since i was a kid – wow i feel old now. I also love to game (RPG, MMO, FPS etc) as well as reading and i am an avid comic collector. I have thousands of comics, and my latest find – which i have been searching for a while – is The Incredible Hulk #181 – first appearance of Wolverine. I’m now searching for a Green Lantern #1.
      Anyhoo, thats me in a nutshell………..well some of it anyway 🙂

      • @bloodnut38 Do you remember collecting the Marvel comics in the 90’s with all those foil covers (hard to believe 20 years ago now….)? Thankfully they started those comic collection books about 10-12 years ago with the 20 to 30 issues in 1 big book, that’s the only reason my “collection” is as big as it is, lol!

        • LOL, yeah, i still have most of them, hard to forget the really tacky 90’s costumes.
          shoulder pads, small feet, weird guns, bad hair – thanks Rob Liefeld 😛

    • Thanks for the mention Phillip.
      Well, about me, I work in a Coal Mine mainly to look after a Fleet Management System. I have qualification in Computer Science and was working as a Computer Programmer. Had worked for a Software Company, Bank and now the last 8 years in Mining.
      I am also a ManUtd fan back in the day when Eric Cantona was still playing and it was great to see them in Sydney recently.
      I love travelling (not for work), Movies, Music, and Playstation besides my hobby collection of course.
      Well, that’s a bit about me. It’s good to get to know you guys from this forum and God bless HLJ.

      • Thanks for sharing Phil bro 🙂 like i said before hats off to you ^^

        Hmm… where to begin? Let’s just say I am more than meets the eye. I am not your average ”asian girl” 😉 I was born in Sydney, Australia I was born and raised to be a ”boy” and i still remain tomboy at heart despite looking ”girly”. I am half vietnamese half chinese, I have studied Japanese in the past for 6 years, Korean for 1. I am still ”good” with conversational Japanese … but not as fluent as before because it has not been put to use for yonks now … =__=;

        I have learnt Shaolin kung fu for a few months, but didn’t like that … was too artsy fartsy and not practical. I like Krav Maga, Muay Thai & Wing Chun just to name a few ;P I have been learning Vovinam ( Vietnamese martial arts ) the one where you throw your legs around the opponents neck/head and throw them to the ground 😉 Yes youtube that hahah

        I don’t like to feel weak and vulnerable, I’ve had one to many encounters with men/guys and lets just say I’ve taught them I am more than just a pretty face 😉

        For my first year of Uni I wanted to be a Psychologist, because i loved human behaviour and studying body language/lie detection… It takes 9 years though … and down the road i might become crazy… so yeah no … My 2nd Option – Teaching

        I am finishing off my Bachelor of Arts, as well as doing my Masters of teaching ( primary ). Yes i love teaching and working with Kids. I am also a qualified wedding photographer, I have worked with a studio for 2 years and I am in the process of opening my own studio.

        I don’t go out alot, i prefer to stay home and have me time… alot of me time hahahaha
        because i don’t get along with girls/women = too complicated and over dramatic = headache!

        As i kid i grew up watching zoids and gundam, but I couldn’t afford them at the time … even though i am old, i am still a kid at heart and I think most of us will agree that building model kits reminds you of childhood ? Come to think of it, only adults have the money to buy and patience to assemble these. So these toys are definitely made for us ;P


        & my online buddies

        THE END … Sorry for the whole book chapter ;P

        • Thanks for sharing, guys and gal! @leehobby wow, there are many facets to you…. certainly surprising! You go, girl! @bloodnut38, it’s so coolgetting paid formdoing something u love! And @bode76… coal mine? Like seriously? ItIt’s crazy cool!

          others that I didn’t mention, do share too!

          • I agree with you bro @phillip 🙂 everyone has very interesting jobs and skills ^_^ its nice to know a bit about others rather than just gunpla?? 😛

          • @Phillip : yeah, mining is an interesting industry. It’s an open cut mining though, not underground. I’ve travelled around Australia for work before but now settle to work for one company look after 5 sites.

    • So my first name is Jetlee, and the one in the picture is my two year old (turning three this Dec).
      Comparing to everyone’s story here, I feel like I’m in elementary school.
      I graduated high school ’07 and did 3 and a half semester of college. I was planning on taking engineering but there are no courses here in the university and community college here on Guam. So I decide I should take on a Math major and teach.. but I was fooling myself. So, instead of wasting money on books I might not need at all, I went full time on my part time job. I was a host/food runner/busser at Ruby Tuesday. I did 8 months of that and got bored, so I asked my GM if I can move to the kitchen. And there I found a passion on cooking! So I decided once I save enough, I’ll go to America and take on culinary.

      Then life happened and my girlfriend got prego and my first boy was born! So my college days will have to wait a little longer. Around this time my passing time was playing with the guitar. I’d play for my son for our play time and just sing him to sleep without the guitar because he loves it when I carry him to sleep. And my boy was bigger than average sized babies. I had to work out my arms and back so I wouldn’t get tired out on his marathons of crying and no sleep.
      The plan was wait until he is five for the next kid if anything. And boom, not even 3 yet and my second son was born just this march. So I have been at the restaurant for almost 6years now and just before 2013 hit, I got offered a promotion from being their all around, best grill cook to have an opportunity to become the Culinary manager. And yeah, I may have no other education to back up the title other than being one of the hardest worker in the kitchen, and the knowledge of my 6 years a grill cook, I’m pretty happy where I am now. And as everyone saw my two PG kits, that was purchased by my quarterly bonus! ^_^

      Which brings to how I started gunpla. Like many of the other, as a middle school student and high school student; I too, could not purchase any kits. Saving lunch money was the best way to get a kit. And at the beginning, I did not know where to buy and gundam kits. I watched Gundam Wing and as a kid seeing the commercials of model building, I could not help but drool over an unattainable dream. Then we had an annual Japanese festival that I attended to for the first time! There, my gunpla adventure went to a kick start. I have one not one, but two, SD BB kits. Never knew the names of those two kits as I was just excited to build them and not care in the world for the names. In those kits I learned the most important lesson in building anything: read the manual! I made a horrible move on putting the shoulder pads first and later did I know that I need something inside. I did my best on separating the two pieces together and my heavy, clumsy, and stubby fingers broke it. Did not have glue at the time nor the knowledge of using any glue to a toy I moved on and finished without the shoulder armor. From there. I moved on to the next kit, this time around, carefully reading each step.

      Time went by and I was at my junior year at high school and have not built any other kit. And those two kits were lost by typhoons here on the island. Finally saved up and learned where to buy kits locally! Still did not have any source of technology at this time of my age other than the Nokia 3310. I had purchase the only thing I could afford with the money on hand; a 1/144 scale of destiny gundam and 1/144 scale of this kit I always forget the name (i only learned the name of destiny gundam through No nippers,no special tool, just scissors. And the building process just got me high. I finished in a few hours only for both kits and looking back I would laugh at myself on how I rushed those two kits. A little time and a few bucks saved, I got myself 1/100 Nataku EW(not sure if it was the special one or custom, it’s been long gone since my oldest grabbed it and destroyed it). Then the 1/100 Tallgeese III EW followed that. That was the last kit until I stumbled upon two months ago! It got me started and excited again on the building process. The long endured time of not building made me build my first PG wing zero kit in 13 hours, only water breaks, straight.

      And there it is, half of my 24 years of life. I only met a few of you guys here and I’m excited to meet more of you guys and gals. Oh and since were here at a lounge, Mr. Bartender! Can I have a round of shots to everyone! Hehehe.
      thanks a lot hlj for bringing all model hobbyist together.

      • Oh and shout out to @Phillip, he was one of the first of the few that I met in the community. And first to welcome me here too! ^_^

        • Bro @jecht-kian Jetlee… thks for the interesting story abt your life… I used to run a restaurant and I know how fun it can be! Quick qtn.. were you named after Jet Li?

          • @Phillip kind of. My mom was fascinated with jets as I recalled and my dad’s name is Harly. The idea was to take the jet and my dad’s name together. Could have been jetly but they found out there was the martial artist jet li by the time I was born on 1989.
            Oh and this was at the Philippines so yeah. They just named me that way.

    • Figures @philliptan asks this question. 😉

      I live in Arizona here in the southwestern United States just outside of Phoenix. I’ve been living here for 18 years, nearly 2/3 of my life. Being a child of a military dad I was born in Germany but we moved back and forth between there and California and Texas before settling here in Arizona. I have been working for one of the US’s moving companies for the past 11-12 years starting in Customer Service and have been working in Marketing as I have moved up.

      As for hobbies outside of Gunpla, I spend my Friday nights in a bowling league. I’ve bowled only a couple of years and though not good like many others in the league it is quite the enjoyable atmosphere and is fun to bowl with others with many different skill sets. Also in the past couple of years I have gotten back into watching sports as I did as a kid. Right now the NFL is back on and American football has eaten into much of my free time the past few weeks. Hopefully my San Francisco 49ers reach the Super Bowl and claim it this year! I am also into NHL and cheer for the local hockey team, the Phoenix Coyotes, and enjoy going to a few games each year as well as watching the games on TV (I plan to have it in the background when I build my Gunpla since I am now into this hobby, haha!).

      Alright I think this is now getting a bit long, so I’ll wrap it up. I’m glad to be part of this community and getting to know a bit about all of you as well as sharing a bit about myself. Thanks guys for making this such an awesome place to hang out!! 😀

    • I feel kind of intimidated after seeing all of these interesting posts, but may as well share what little I have accomplished :D.
      My name is Nick, I’m 16 and I live in Wellington, New Zealand.
      I’m in year 12 (NZ schooling goes up to year 13 before university) and am currently in the middle of my schools practice exams. My favorite subjects would have to be chemistry, Japanese and English, but despite this I don’t have a clue about what to after I finish school :D.
      I don’t have a job but do plenty of baby sitting as well as work around my house to keep me busy.
      My hobbies are pretty much limited to gunpla, gaming and watching anime… that’s about it sorry, but I’m not the most interesting of people on this site :D.

      • Hey Nick, everyone’s different so dun worry mate… thks for sharing and I must say your country is BEAUTIFUL, I’m gonna visit one day!

        • A little about me. I live in Atlanta Georgia. Work in the medical field as a Resp Therapist. I hold two black belts in juijitsu and karate. Im an fan of aviation and my other hobbies include model trains, helicopters, and strength training. I also enjoy photography and enjoy anime.