• Thanks to those who having been liking and viewing my wips. Big thanks to HLJ for awarding me the 3rd place in this catagory. It has been my honor to take part in this incredible community and to witness some of the great pieces came to life.

  • WIP3. started painting. some samples of preshading work done.. any feedback or comment are welcome!

    • This is the kind of paint job I would like to get my standard up to, did you pre-shade or paint a darker shade, and then a light shade of the same paint?

      Looks awesome.

      • Hi Outamyhead, thx for your your feedback. It’s all preshade at this point. That’s what I want to try out with this kit. I used to post shade. The trick with preshade is the paint needs to dilute thin. Then you build the layer up. You will have more control /room for error this way. IF mistakes were made along the way, can easily go back and start over.

  • hi guys, I’ve seen quite a lot of kits from Gundam wing here, so this is it. my one and only 1/100 MG Tallgeese for this competition. this will probably be a straight out of the box built with some minor paint job, mainly due to the orange seals for the backpack wings. All in all, better late than never right? haha .
    all the best to y’all…[Read more]

    • OWWW! It is a very nice kit! I plan to have all kits Series wing one day. Gunpla started in this year. I wait to see how cute will your Tallgeese.
      Good luck

      • This one is in my to build pile (doesn’t fit on the to do shelf, had to go in the airbrush drawer of the paint cabinet) , saving that one for last since it will be my first MG kit. Heard that as far as MG’s go, it’s a dream to build.

        Looking forward to seeing your build progress.

      • thanks bro, I’ll try my best to finish it before the deadline haha

  • Got the inner frame of the back pack all sorted and detailed and I moved on to finishing the reverse wash. The gold paint had cured on all the pieces and today I sprayed model master’s gloss back and boy was it glossy. The reverse wash of all 22 pieces took around 5 hours of labor to remove with lighter fluid and paper towels, but at the end of it…[Read more]

  • I will get started with these kits. Hope everything goes well XD

    • Real Grades are all the rage here! I’ve seen at least two entries of the Zephyrantes, one of the Zeta, and one of the Inifinite Justice. Good luck.

      • Woah! Thats a lot of RGs haha. This will be my first thing doing panel lining despite the fact that I have already built 5 RGs. Thank you Bossguy, good luck to you too XD

  • Okay so after some thinking, some friends, and my wife telling me I might be jumping in at the deep end with the intermediate class (I deleted my post from that group of my entry in the competition, hopefully that doesn’t cause any trouble?). I shall enter the beginners class with my third ever proper Gundam build in the beginner class, 1/100 HG…[Read more]

  • Java posted an update in the group Group logo of Dynamic PhotoDynamic Photo 8 years, 4 months ago

    MK 3 Bertie, JAVA

    DSCF4042 (Large)
    • Wow!
      I like that you put your name (Java) on it, nice touch.

      • Thanks!,

        Java is the name of my little feathered friend in my avatar image,just for fun i made up a little story for him.

        50 years in the future the boss’s parrot Java of the Javamook corporation die’s and he places his parrots brain in a MK3 Bertie to protect the building and it’s workers from attacks but most of all he protects his boss from…[Read more]

        • Dude he’s very cool. I think I saw a full size bot at SDCC one year… I will have to see if I can find the picture