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    Intake vents prepped. Most pylons installed. Airframe touched up and weathered. Oil streaking + rust. Topside not good enough. Be re-done later. Panel lined washed wheel bays & some panel lines. A decal or two silvered & fixed.

    Missiles aren’t ready for a panel line wash yet. Too wet still. So are landing gear + wheels.

    The security package will be ready for deployment on the aircraft carrier.

    Top cat out.

    • Yeah it’s coming together nicely.
      Great work and i’m still diggin the camo.

    • Thank you. I’m not 100% satisfied with the camo. Beside pre-shading & mottling, there’s one more way like post-shading camos. I saw some in magazines, but they didn’t go into details about how to do it. I experienced with my camo on the Flanker D. My brush is Badger 105 with 0.3mm. A bit too big for 1/72, but next time maybe I’ll do 1/48 or 1/32. That’d be easier to post-shade camos.

      I think your creativity secured a win already. The question is which award.