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    For my part, the expectation of the results begins to be long ^ ^ and the fear of defeat grows 🙁 and for you?

    In your opinion, how many of us have submitted our kits?

    221 participants for beginners
    352 intermediate participants
      142 participants in advanced

    It’s a lot of people but have we all crossed the finish line? 😉

    Sinon , des français dans le coin ? ^^

    • i saw it as more as a challenge to do something different. the fact i finished something worth posting (despite the maddening frustration) was an achievement. I actually liked looking at what other do and it has helped my next build. I wouldn’t get too hung up about prizes but they were a good incentive… more pissed that after the results syd’s dissapearing

    • Good to hear I’m not the only one feeling that way. In this competition, I learned a few things.

      • It’s reassuring ! ^^ Yes this competition was very instructive and loaded with inspiration!

        Thank youu Otaku for your answer ! 🙂

    • I meaned learning is incentive enough. Prizes are a bonus.

    • It is all still fun though whatever the outcome, right 😀

    • The fun parts were the hard work, as ironic as it sounds.

    • Français ici ! Yeah I’m starting to be a bit anxious about the results. I think I did OK, but I saw some pretty good builds in the WIP posts and I’m not sure where I stand. that was a race to the deadline though, not sure I’d like to do that again.

      • Yeahhh ! \(^_^)/
        Je te comprends ! La date limite qui se rapproche, ta maquette n’est pas encore terminée engage un grand stress et encore plus quand il y a une galère dessus >< Mais ce genre de concours te permet d'être plus productif, imaginatif et ça vide ton stock en kits :p Du moins dans mon cas ^^ "
        En tout cas ton kit est vraiment bien !
        Vivement demain pour les résultats ! \(^_^)/