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    got this of the net can it bee the next rg out in nov 2013

    • This is so messed up, I know the RG line has been so far 2 U.C. Kits then a seed, but come on, they have the freedom why did they have to make the strike freedom? That’s stupid, I get the two zakus the two mkIIs and the two GP01s but wtf Bandai? Kill the seed ad bring in G gundam or wing, seed and age are horrible

    • I’m not to thrilled about this RG either. Maybe its because i’m a Shin/Destiny fan, but I don’t think we need the Strike Freedom in addition to the Strike, and the Freedom. There are a lot of kits that deserve some love and RG would be a perfect way to do it. But I do understand why it is the Strike Freedom, apparently a lot of people like the SEED series and this is probably a smart decision by Bandai.

    • I am disappointed with Strike Freedom. To me it is just an upgrade of Freedom instead of a new kit. Nothing to wow about.

    • i would love to see a Unicorn or Sinanju in RG but that will not happen anytime soon… so how about keeping it with the original series and going like guntank or guncannon i would buy those in a heartbeat.

    • Every one that comments on this post r seed haters. I for one am interested in seeing how this rg