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    Hi guys, I have an airbrush cleaning question. I just got this new airbrush and was wondering if it is ok to clean it with industrial strength acrylic lacquer thinner. My worry is that if it is too strong, it might damage my airbrush. Any info on the matter is appreciated! 😀
    • if you’re not sure of what’s in it and want to be safe, don’t let the airbrush soak in it for long. some people like to leave the cleaners in the airbrush or soak all the parts for a few hours or overnight for some serious cleaning but it might be bad for the seals depending on the cleaner components. it’s always better to clean while the paint is still not dried up in the airbrush and any cleaner should be good for spraying through or wiping airbrush parts right after painting sessions.

    • I use 99% rubbing alcohol to clean my airbrush. It works for me pretty well.

    • Ye i also use 99%alcohol it works very well i strongly suggest not using something industrial like because it could destroy an expensive airbrush like that

    • cool cool cool. Thank you 🙂