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    My current project is my RG Strike Freedom and I am having trouble panel lining.

    When I panel line, the ink doesn’t go in to the panel line. It only hits the sides of the panel line.

    So instead of using the panel line pens, I ordered the pour type pens and I hope it will fix the problem.

    PS: My teacher didn’t show to class today in Uni so I am working on my kit in class. XD

    • If you press down on the marker on the panel line and hold it down, the ink should come flowing out and into the panel lines. This way you don’t have to clean up so much excess ink and get the ink in the panel lines instead only on the sides. I also found in the past that the tips of the “fine” Gundam markers are too thick.
      And lucky you, building Gunpla in class. LOL

    • I use the same method as @teetee580 mentioned. It works quite well but if you press too hard then you can end up fraying the tip of the marker significantly. Nothing that a few chops of an exactoknife would fix, though.

    • You might want to try finding some Copic inking pens. They have much finer tips than the Gundam brand pens.

    • probably because your tip is no longer fine. you’ve either pressed down on it too hard or introduced it to lots of cleaning agent. It’s now a brush and works well as a brush for wider areas. You can use your blade to shave the tip off and just use the ball if you want.