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    WIP-MG Destiny Build… Today my Mr Hobby Super Clear Gloss spray paint arrived, so I jumped straight in a clear coated the MS and Wings ready for decals(waterslides and dry transfers)! Then flat coat and then the last stretch…thanks guys
    • looking good btw whered u buy the super clear gloss

    • actually can i also ask how did u panel line it well wht did u use as ur guide to make the scribed lines so striaght rulers for me are getting pretty tough and annoying

    • Looking really nice! I’m finally getting mine done. If I speed thing up, we might be able to arrange a family meeting for the long lost twins. LOL. Are you going to do weathering on yours? Plan to do mine straight out of the factory. Hate to dull up the pearlescent paint mixture…. Thanks for your update

    • @thebanshee13, as i live in the UK paints are quite difficult to get a hold of (so i thought), so i used to get them all of off eBay, but then i found model shop called eModels who supply Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints which is brilliant and i don’t have to pay more for shipping or have to wait for weeks either. i can send you a link to them if you would like. As for panel lines, i scribed them using a Tamiya Plastic scriber 2 and i also used a hobby knife scriber attachment for thinner panel lines. I use something called Dymo Tape as a guide, its basically labeling tape, but it works great as a guide as it is very thick ad strong so you cant cut into it like masking tape when scribing your lines, and because its adhesive its sticks straight onto the piece without any movement. its very cheap as well, its just GREAT! i hope that helps and if you need any links to anything or other information just ask

    • @teetee580 Thanks, i’ve seen your WIP pics… it looks like it coming along nicely. As for weathering i don’t really plan on weathering it, i want this one to be a clean build (like its just come out the factory but might of had a couple of test flights) so i have done some subtle weathering and dry brushing in places (like around vents)- so i will take some pictures to show you once its finished. Ive done the gloss coat ready so i can start applying waterslides and dry transfers without silvering, and then i plan to do a final flat coat to finish it off, add a bit of a realistic effect. thanks as always and good luck with your build!