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    It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on here… But finally after a very busy year of finalising my A Levels and getting into University and sorting out student loans and going on holidays, I have finally found the time to chill out and do the hobby I love before I leave for university in September. I bought the MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka a few months ago from HLJ along with pla-plate and all the respective tools I need!
    I have started building it and as this is my fourth and probably final kit for quite awhile I wanted to go all out with a full custom and paint build… so I’ve started by scribing my own panel lines in the torso along with using pla-plate and making modifications and add ons to the kit and the use of a lot of putty!

    plus the addition of an LED!

    • Hi there. It’s been a long time indeed. Hope you’re doing well. The Hi-Nu is looking good so far. Curious to see what you next mods will be. Good luck and happy building

    • I recently got a Hi Nu as well. Yours is looking awesome. Can’t wait to see more