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    My RG Exia has terrible seam lines. Not impressed with this kit at all, The effect area in the upper thighs is rubbish. Been pretty happy with the last 14 kits but I wish they lined up their molds a bit better this time.

    • I just finished making onefor myfriend as he likes 00 but notmodeling.
      I think that the gn cables in the upper thigh look a bit tacky due to the reflective sticker underneath, mainly because it’s hard to make the surface under it flat. I’m pretty happy with it overall as it can stand (my MG is permanently on an action base) and has really nice details.
      My favorite would still have to be the MK-II though.

    • Mine wasn’t any worse than the other RGs I have built, but yeah, you need to smooth out the area before applying the silver sticker. A trick is do not press the sticker down all the way, just let it sort of float on it. The GN plastic will secure it in place along with the side armors. If yours is really bad, you can always remove the sticker and get some silver paint on it.

    • I agree with you, it has got ‘seem lines’ in places I don’t like ^^; But overall its a very nice piece of kit and it really (in my opinion) beats the MG in some places. The silver stickers aren’t working in some places, maybe stick them on a flat piece of thin card,/paper for the thigh windows, keeping it smooth and flat.

      Looks quite good having the inner frame and grey areas painted gun metal. The bottom feet too, matches the MG 😛