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    Here are two previous kits I built for my friend
    • and they are still proudly displayed in my cupboard! 🙂

    • Very good build! But did you polish it? Body reflection looks rough.

    • Thank you. My photography is not the best. Not sure which kit you are talking about there, but both have been polished. The F2007 has a metallic base with red over top ( Zero Paints ) so you can faintly see the metal fleck under the red.

      The RX-7 has a base of Dodge Viper Red with a clear coat mixed with a hint of yellow pear powder mixed in which is that yellowy speckled look. Not a slightly textured surface

    • I’m my own worst critic and look back at past kits and think “how the hell did I pull that one out of the bag” Sadly having built yours I’m still to terrified to build the one you bought for me at the same time:)

      Now I’m hoping I don’t go too far on this build even without anywhere as much CF Decaling as the F2007