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    Finally, I have decided on which kit to build.

    TAMIYA McLAREN MP4/5B with Studio 27 parts and Shabo decals. Built race ready but no weathering ( too hard )

    I definately consider myself to be an intermediate builder and the thought of using PE terrifies me. However this is kit for a friend that asked me to build it sometime ago ( years ) for him, so here goes.

    If, as this build progresses, my gunpla peers and the powers believe that this should be in the advanced category then I will be most honoured.

    • I have to admit that I do fell quite guilty having taken too long to start this kit for my friend

    • Now. I just have to shave those off. Cut that out. Pin those. Drill holes in that. Wire them and… …oh boy what the heck have I just chewed off? Small bites. SMALL Bites