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    Hello everyone. I owned 74520 HG Compressor two weeks ago. and i broke the Basic Airbrush that come with it. So i tried to use another kind of airbrush.

    I’ve been wonder with the Air valve joint. air won’t comes out unless you push the trigger down. does it effect anything to my compressor? i feel like it’s gonna explode or something

    • That is how they should work – air should only come out when the button is pushed. I hope the old airbrush worked that way. I have no idea about that compressor but mine turns on and off as the air reservoir empties out and it fills back up. I also don’t see a regulator or moisture trap? Those get critical pretty soon. If you paint in humid weather you will get a lot of water in your paint from the compression of the air. If you use only water soluble paint it might be okay – but in general not. IF it were me I would put a regulator and moisture trap between that compressor and the airbrush.